s245 Our new KiE Homepage is live

Our new homepage is. live k-i-e.com.

Our new homepage is now available at k-i-e.com. We are now increasingly expanding our accessibility to the English speaking market for KiE-DecisionMaking and are available in German as well as in English.

You can now find our posts sorted by categories in a content center. If you search for specific topics, you can use keywords or the free search field. In posts about DecisionMaking up to KiE Theory you will find methods and suggestions to think anew and to decide in emotive-cognitive cycles. Success stories show the successful application in agile transformation as well as in culture and society.

DecisionMaking empowers disrupts and creates agile methods just as DecisionMaking develops the decision-making culture in traditional areas. All in accordance with the vision that people get a chance to do well.

Our services are now clearly structured and can be requested.

Digitalized DecisionMaking is now available as MVP (Minimal Valuable Product) for everyone. Jointly supported decisions can thus be produced securely and promptly even remotely with 100% participation.

A special feature is the discovery of the KiE trilogy and the invention of the DecisionMaking processes. Through years of research, there is no doubt that there are two decision systems that work with different logics.

From February 18th, 2020 we will start publishing our articles again. There will be a daily post on DecisionMaking, the inseparability of emotion(s), intuition(i) and cognition(K), the KiE Trilogy, as well as on social, political and business topics. We are looking forward to the exchange with you and your valuable input.

Next week we will also resume sending out the newsletter. If you want to stay up-to-date, sign up for the newsletter and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Become part of the KiE community.


Februar 2020, Richard Graf und Elsa Graf