The art of making good decisions

    Bringing about decisions with DecisionMaking processes

    The art of making good decisions

    New Thinking begins with the insight that the emotional system acts as the origin and end of all thinking in a cyclical, evolutionary process. Serial thinking would never do justice to the complexity of our thinking and decision-making. After all, human beings act in cycles in which emotions, intuition and cognition exert their influence at lightning speed and overlapping each other. This is why we speak of emotive-cognitive cycles. For those who recognize them, the decoding of human behavior becomes easy.

    What does this mean for companies today? Every action is preceded by a decision. The jointly supported decision is the supreme discipline of the fine art of leading and being led. Its sustainability is achieved because KiE-DecisionMaking is directly aligned with the inseparability of emotion(E), intuition(i) and cognition(K), the KiE trilogy.

    KiE-DecisionMaking leads good decisions with solid processes safely and promptly with 100% participation.

    667 DMM empowers people at the individual level and thereby effects the systemic level

    🎯 Empowering people individually has an impact on a systemic level. When people make better decisions and communicate better, better work results are produced...

    Our products with Decision Making Management (DMM)

    DMM 4 You

    Your guaranteed decision

    K-i-E Decision Making We bring about a jointly supported decision safely and promptly, within the company and for you.

    Digitized DMM

    Use the DecisionMaker

    Digitalized service for agile and traditional teams, as an automatically documented process.

    Keynote Speaker

    New thinking with the KiE trilogy

    K-i-E Decision Making Keynote Speaker

    We inspire and revolutionize how we decide and think with the discovery of the logic of emotions.

    DMM-Seminars at INeKO Institute

    Certified Master of DecisionMaking

    K-i-E Decision Making Seminare We develop your skills to bring about jointly supported decisions yourself.

    Agile Transformation

    Collaboration and Mindset

    K-i-E Decision Making Agile Transformation DecisionMaking empowers, disrupts and creates agile Methods – stabilizes people’s competencies.

    DMM&Agile Seminar

    Remote at LeanBase

    We empower you to bring about jointly supported decisions into agile methods.

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    The discovery of the KiE trilogy

    Forget what has been written about decisions and human behaviour, instead bring what you know and have experienced into a coherent world view, based on the KiE trilogy.