The art of making good decisions

    Bringing about decisions with DecisionMaking processes

    The art of making good decisions

    New Thinking begins with the insight that the emotional system acts as the origin and end of all thinking in a cyclical, evolutionary process. Serial thinking would never do justice to the complexity of our thinking and decision-making. After all, human beings act in cycles in which emotions, intuition and cognition exert their influence at lightning speed and overlapping each other. This is why we speak of emotive-cognitive cycles. For those who recognize them, the decoding of human behavior becomes easy.

    What does this mean for companies today? Every action is preceded by a decision. The jointly supported decision is the supreme discipline of the fine art of leading and being led. Its sustainability is achieved because KiE-DecisionMaking is directly aligned with the inseparability of emotion(E), intuition(i) and cognition(K), the KiE trilogy.

    KiE-DecisionMaking leads good decisions with solid processes safely and promptly with 100% participation.

    s225 The resource questions opens up a new dimension of cooperation

    The resource questions initiates a clear procedure that leads quickly to success. The parties involved are made aware of their duty to contribute...

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    Your guaranteed decision

    K-i-E Decision Making

    We bring about a jointly supported decision safely and promptly, within the company and for you.


    Digitized DecisionMaking

    Decision Making K-i-E Decision MakerDigitalized service for agile, traditional and decentralized teams, as an automatically documented process.

    Keynote Speaker

    New thinking with the KiE trilogy

    K-i-E Decision Making Keynote Speaker

    We inspire and revolutionize how we decide and think with the discovery of the logic of emotions.


    Certified Master of DecisionMaking

    K-i-E Decision Making Seminare

    We develop your skills to bring about jointly supported decisions yourself.

    Agile Transformation

    Collaboration and Mindset

    K-i-E Decision Making Agile Transformation

    DecisionMaking empowers, disrupts and creates agile Methods – stabilizes people’s competencies.

    KiE Tools

    Breakthrough with Gamification

    K-i-E Decision Making Tools

    Order the book, the KiE cards with individual branding, One-Pager and White-Paper as well as E-Learning.

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    s225 The resource questions opens up a new dimension of cooperation

    The resource questions initiates a clear procedure that leads quickly to success. The parties involved are made aware of their duty to contribute...

    s252 The irrational decision is an emotive-cognitive decision

    The irrational decision is the normal case of human decision. It got its name from Greek philosophers like Aristotle. The human decision appears irrational...

    s224 Cooperation at eye-level with a universal evaluation system

    Making and implementing decisions is the core activity of leadership and any kind of cooperation. Every decision is preceded by an evaluation process. The...

    s223 Using DecisionMaking tools to produce decisions safely and timely

    A good decision can thus be recognized at the time of the decision Managers who are capable...

    s207 The explanation – in certain situations often comes to your mind

    Do you know that feeling when you are late for a meeting and you talk your head off about why this has...

    s251 The human being is not a „homo rationalis” any more than he is a „homo emotionalis”

    Man is not a „Homo rationalis" or „Homo economicus" any more than he is a „Homo emotionalis". How we perceive our world,...

    s236 Bring about joint decisions with the digital KiE-DecisionMaker

    Making safe and timely decisions is possible with the KiE-DecisionMaker. People, teams or groups of any size as well as machines with AI can,...

    s183 CycloMedia introduces KiE-DecisionMaking

    The employees of CycloMedia decided to learn KiE-DecisionMaking in order to design their sales process clearly, target-oriented and self-responsible.

    s210 Extending artificial intelligence with the logic of emotions

    Does artificial intelligence need the logic of emotions? During a keynote by Richard Graf to the AI community in Berlin, the answers were quickly...

    s206 Expert-Workshop Master of KiE-DecisionMaking 21.02.2020

    "After Libet and blind sight, it can no longer be denied that two decision-making systems work with different logics - the proof of the KiE trilogy”. RICHARD GRAF

    s221 The human decision process is the design guideline for KiE-DecisionMaking

    The choice between at least two options is both general and misleading - misleading because the choice between two or more options would be...

    s245 Our new KiE Homepage is live

    Our new homepage is now available at We are now increasingly expanding our accessibility to the English speaking market for KiE-DecisionMaking and are...

    KiE-Q Emotional-intuitive-Cognitive Intelligence

    Emotional, intuitive and Cognitive Intelligence (KiE-Q pronounced "key-q") is the recognition of these trilogy and the inseparability of the emotion and cognitive system. KiE-Q...

    a07 What is the Core of Agile Methods?

    Agile methods give people a chance to do well. Agile methods are so successful because they are aligned to the inseparability of emotions, intuition...

    a08 Who makes agile change more difficult?

    Agile transformation begins with the individual and corporate culture arises from the behaviour of people. But which participants make agile change and the associated...

    a09 People are the Heart of agile Mindset

    The agile mindset and a corporate culture emerge from the behavior of people who do the work. Agile transformation begins with the individual. Agile...

    a11 Hot spot backlog – 91% of stories are not good enough

    Shit-In/Shit-Out is an important cause for the lack of success of agile methods and the failure of so many agile transformations. The quality of...

    a12 Why should we use one common accepted Rating?

    A common accepted rating gives people a voice, a vote and a clear message what needs to be done. That works for agile teams...

    s172 Do introverts really need help and protection from extroverts?

    The silent thinkers are rightly highlighted and associated with impressive individual thinkers such as Albert Einstein, Steve Wozniak and Marc Zuckerberg. The editors Kerstin...

    a10 DecisionMaking-Processes as Heart of Transformation

    Decision-making processes bring people back in the centre, because they involve each individual with their diversity in a secure and open order. Figure01: People carry...

    The discovery of the KiE trilogy

    Forget what has been written about decisions and human behaviour, instead bring what you know and have experienced into a coherent world view, based on the KiE trilogy.