382 Get started with the DecisionMaker

Get started with the DecisionMaker

All tiers of DecisionMaker are currently free. Soon the DecisionMaker will officially be online, and you can subscribe to the Beginner, Master, or Expert tiers.

Beginner, which is free, allows you to perform the basic Decision Making Management (DMM) functions.

Masters can use DMM before, during, and after meetings and events. Surveys are used to prepare them before and after, and all the necessary information is collected during meetings.

Experts can use the full scope of DMM, especially for recurring DM processes such as estimation and priority in planning. Surveys with direct feedback allow marketing actions, even for large groups.

All existing DecisionMaker users will be classified as Beginners, and you can then choose the subscription that suits you best.

We hope the DecisionMaker will empower you to make reliable and timely decisions, for agile way of working as well as traditional collaboration.

Use it now: www.kielabs.com


April 2021, Sophie & Richard

“Choose your DecisionMaker subscription.” Sophie Alcorn.

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