s247 KiE-DecisionMaking was successfully applied for a social project in Berlin

„Great instrument - decisions finally can be made quickly and without losing sight of the goal.” – Hilde Kugler

With the project “Netzwerk KvI” (Children of Prisoners) the association Treffpunkt e.V. built up a nationwide support network for children of prisoners in two years. Nine experts from the judiciary, youth support services and civil society associations accompanied the project over two years as advisory board members.

See more about the project at www.juki-online.de/projektbeschreibung/.

At the last advisory board meeting on 12 February 2020 at the German Institute for Human Rights in Berlin, the advisory boards evaluated 15 aspects of the project using KiE Scales. In less than an hour, the members created a differentiated picture of the assessments. The necessary measures for the complete achievement of objectives were introduced with the use of resource questions.

Result DecisionMaker

With great curiosity, the members of the advisory board prepared themselves for the digital vote with the help of the DecisionMaker as a fully digitized tool. They were supported by Sylvia Vogt and Aylin Seuferling (left in the picture), both employees of Treffpunkt e.V..

The members of the Treffpunkt e.V.

The quickly visible opinion leaders as well as the targeted answers to the resource questions (e.g. “What would be necessary to agree to the success?”) led to constructive meetings and motivated the advisory board.

With concrete projects, the latter wants to continue the cooperation beyond the project duration. The participants would probably not have been able to get to the point so quickly in lengthy discussion rounds.

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April 2020, Hilde Kugler und Michael Nitsch

Great instrument – decisions finally can be made quickly and without losing sight of the goal.” – Hilde Kugler


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