059.001 Feedback doesn’t work

feedaback doesn`t work

Feedback doesn’t work (HBR, 5/2019). Feedback is Problem Talk and it creates problems. The human mind is an absolute problem expert and problem details will activate many problem experts. Why create problems when there is Solutions Talk that creates solutions (Steve de Shazer).

Feedback doesn't work Problem Talk

Therefore, there are no better or worse feedback rules. In essence, the feedback giver leaves eye level, which triggers stressful emotions – usually for everyone.

Use the resource process. This requires Team-Leading or Leadership by DMM (Decision-Making Management, so that first there is a joint open view of all, anonymously, without anchor effects.

Feedback doesn't work Solution Talk

Only then is it worthwhile to use everyone’s resources to find what it would take to make it good. For one-on-one conversations as well as for teams of any size.

Developing feedback givers is senseless, even if many management theories and consultants try to do so. As long as feedback nonsense is celebrated, it is better to empower feedback takers. 

We recommend that the feedback taker use the resource process constructively at eye level to guide the feedback giver.

Use the Team-DecisionMaker: www.kielabs.com


January 2021, Richard Graf & Elsa Graf

Use DMM so that the uncertain decision-maker human is not replaced by an artificial intelligence and AI becomes an integral part of human decision-making.” Richard Graf