490.002 How to become a better [Listener]

How to become a better Listener

There are too many people with something to say and too few to listen. Do Team-Leading by DMM (Decision-Making Management) with the digitized Team-DecisionMaker. So everyone has their say at the same time – in seconds and minutes – and everyone sees what everyone meant.

Without DMM, anchor effects lead the discussion into irrelevance and limited participation prevents jointly supported decisions. DMM technology ensures 100% participation so that all competencies are incorporated into a good decision and implementation.

Successful leaders lead with DMM – a disruptive leadership style that integrates participative, and authoritarian, as well as consensus, consent and majority decision-making. 

Leadership then demonstrates a responsibility to use DMM to coordinate the best ideas from all stakeholders. With everyone involved, faster and better decisions are brought about and implemented with ownership.

How to become a better Listener

Use the Team-DecisionMaker: www.kielabs.com


January 2021, Richard Graf & Elsa Graf

Use DMM so that the uncertain decision-maker human is not replaced by an artificial intelligence and AI becomes an integral part of human decision-making.” Richard Graf