s183 CycloMedia introduces KiE-DecisionMaking

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The employees of CycloMedia decided to learn KiE-DecisionMaking in order to design their sales process clearly, target-oriented and self-responsible.

The first block introduces the use of KiE-DecisionMaking. Immediately it became apparent that intuitive procedures can be enhanced with more awareness in order to promote cooperation and personal responsibility. The logic of emotions seemed unusual. However, all participants were relieved how that can be integrated with the disciplined use of DecisionMaking.

The KiE scale as a fundamental decision-making process was easy for everyone to apply, and as a result everyone was able to use the clear steps in the prioritization and commitment process.

In the second block, everyone was pleasantly surprised and impressed by how the resource question can lead both colleagues and clients into self-responsibility, without entangling explanations, reasoning and justifications.

In repetitive steps, the workshop complemented the previous sales approach with structured DecisionMaking.


Februar 2020, Richard Graf, Elsa Graf

„Target-oriented and self-responsible sales process with KiE-DecisionMaking.“ RICHARD GRAF


GRAF, Richard. Die neue Entscheidungskultur: Mit gemeinsam getragenen Entscheidungen zum Erfolg. Carl Hanser Verlag München 2018.