s318 International Master of DecisionMaking

Sophie Alcorn is officially “Master of DecisionMaking”! Diversity in nationality, gender, age, and experience becomes a resource with DecisionMaking, which flows into jointly supported decisions.

“Remote Learning and DecisionMaking in four amazing workshop days – everything I thought I knew about DecisionMaking, as an attorney, an entrepreneur and in relationships, was turned upside down and then put together more coherently. This is amazing to me, especially after more than 10 years practicing US immigration law at Alcorn Immigration. I’m used to counseling people to making life-changing decisions, sometimes in life-threatening situations, and I’m appreciative that I now have better tools to support my clients and my law firm.”, said Sophie Alcorn.

From Kahneman to the KiE Concept

“Then something amazing happened. After deconstructing my assumptions, I was able to discover a new framework for myself. It helps solidify my knowledge of ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ (Kahneman, 2011) consistently, precisely and coherently” (Sophie Alcorn).

The KiE concept goes beyond Kahneman
Figure 01: The KiE concept goes beyond Kahneman

The human decision is brought about from the inseparability of emotions, intuition and cognition, the KiE Trilogy. The Emotion System (system 1), as a faster system, generates an emotive meaning from the sensory stimulus, which is incorporated into the creation process with the Cognitive System, from which coherent world views develop. Human decisions are usually the result of several emotive-cognitive cycles, in that the coherent world view once again becomes an internal stimulus for the Emotional System.

Cognitive Biases indicate the logic of emotions and the irrational decision is an emotive-cognitive decision. The rational decision based on empiricism is a theoretical construct that does not exist as a human decision. However, as a process instruction for conscious decisions, it represents a practical approach.


The KiE Concept serves as a design guideline to safely and promptly bring about decisions that are jointly supported by DecisionMaking Processes.

KiE - DecisionMaking Processes
Figure 02: DecisionMaking Processes

“I am so excited to use these incredible but also easy tools in my daily life. I now feel even more comfortable supporting my clients, my team, my family and friends. Many thanks to the amazing father-daughter duo, Richard and Elsa!” (Sophie Alcorn).


July 2020 – Sophie Alcorn, Richard Graf, Elsa Graf

“I am officially a Master of DecisionMaking. Sophie Alcorn


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