465-001 Team-Leading by DMM empowers agile values

Team-Leading by DMM empowers agile values

Agile coaches and business leaders still believe that the paradigms and methods of the ancient world can solve the leadership dilemma between leadership and agile teams that work together at eye level. However, Team-Leading by DMM (Decision-Making Management) has existed for a long time, with agile teams working together as self-organized teams at eye level.

The interactive DMM processes for all remotely and in presence in all ceremonies and interactions are supported with the digitized Team-DecisionMaker.

Low as well as asymmetric interaction become 100% participation. Instead of mutually devaluing different competencies with anchoring effects, everyone is held accountable and the competencies of all complement each other to a jointly supported decision.

A growth mindset and a high level of understanding develops through successful cooperation.



April 2021, Richard Graf & Elsa Graf

“Use Decision-Making Management (DMM) aligned at the Inseparability of emotions, intuition and Cognition (KiE)”, Richard Graf.