490.001 Listening to what another has to say

Listen to what another has to say

There are too many who have something to say and too few who can listen. We need a technology for 100% participation in listening and speaking up.
Anchoring effects lead discussion into irrelevance and limited participation prevents jointly supported decisions.
When everyone gets to speak at the same time – in seconds and minutes – and everyone sees what everyone meant, the previous bottleneck is eliminated. The problem generator becomes a solution creator.
Great Leaders lead with Decision-Making Management (DMM) – a disruptive leadership style that leads to jointly supported decisions that are implemented autonomously.
Leadership is demonstrated by the responsibility to use DMM to coordinate everyone’s best ideas. Everyone’s expertise is brought together in a jointly supported decision in a timely and reliable manner.
So that all people, leaders as well as agile and traditional team members, get a chance to work well.

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January 2021, Richard Graf & Elsa Graf

Use DMM so that the uncertain decision-maker human is not replaced by an artificial intelligence and AI becomes an integral part of human decision-making.” Richard Graf