513 Intuition is incorporated in 100% of all Decisions

Visual Intuition is incorporated in 100% of all Decisions

The intuitive evaluation is an integral and inseparable part of human decisions. It is incorporated in 100% of all decisions, even in the few conscious ones. The intuition should never be ignored, but it should not be followed blindly either. Use the digitized Team-DecisionMaker to integrate intuition into your individual decision strategy in order to bring about good team and individual decisions.  

The intuitive rating is available to every human being as a conscious decision after 350 ms (t1. to t.5). With the intuitive rating process intuition becomes a conscious decision.

Team-Leading by DMM (Decision-Making Management) or Leadership by DMM is recommended for both agile and traditional teams to bring about jointly supported decisions.

Intuition can’t be seen isolated. Intuition is an important part of the inseparability of emotions, intuition and cognition.  

Intuition is incorporated in 100% of all Decisions

Use the Team-DecisionMaker now for DMM: www.kielabs.com


January 2021, Richard Graf & Elsa Graf

Use DMM so that the uncertain decision-maker human is not replaced by an artificial intelligence and AI becomes an integral part of human decision-making.” Richard Graf


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