613 DMM melts the presumed iceberg

DMM melts the iceberg

Agile teams understand Scrum, even if coaches still want to blame them for missed results with the iceberg model. Internationally respected experts such as Rigby, Sutherland and Takeuchi (2019) made it clear: It is the stakeholders (SH) who never really learned Scrum and never really understood it.

Scrum teams achieve their goals when.

  1. product owners (PO) provide stories with appropriate quality (8)
  2. everyone lives the ceremonies with time boxes in a disciplined way
  3. all take their responsibility in the roles.

This can all be brought about with Decision-Making Management (DMM).

The 75% of difficult and failed projects (Standish Group) are the responsibility of POs and Scrum Masters (SM), who still believe in the iceberg model, and especially stakeholders who never really learned Scrum and never really understood it.

If DMM is introduced with the quality process, all artifacts receive an appropriate quality and the agile teams achieve a stable velocity. The growth mindset develops through the fact that the agile teams achieve their goals on their own responsibility. Once this is understood, there is no need for consultants to distract with icebergs from the fact that stakeholders, POs and SMs do not create the conditions for agile teams to work self-responsibly.

Psychological safety is created when everyone has their say with DMM at the same time and everyone immediately sees what everyone meant. With the Resource Process, everyone starts talking about solutions instead of lamenting about problems and introducing icebergs as justification for misbehavior of others.

DMM melts the presumed iceberg

With the Commitment process, jointly supported decisions are brought about safely and in a timely manner. Stakeholders, POs but also SMs do not need to hide behind the iceberg anymore because they contribute their resources as part of DMM.

In the Review everyone gets their appreciation with the evaluation process and it is documented what would be necessary if the Product Increment is not good enough. The last and most important Ceremony becomes the beginning of a motivating cooperation on eye level. 

Scrum is good enough as a framework!

It only needs to empower all stakeholders with DMM so that the goals are always safely achieved!

Fortunately, the icebergs melt when everyone uses DMM and everyone is empowered.


May 2021, Richard Graf & Elsa Graf

“Use Decision-Making Management (DMM) aligned at the Inseparability of emotions, intuition and Cognition (KiE)”, Richard Graf.