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    With jointly supported decisions to success.

    Use disruption. Living innovation. Lead integratively.

    518 pages. Hardcover | E-Book inside

    ISBN 978-3-446-45130-8

    The emotional system is the origin and end of all thinking. New thinking with conscious emotion logic extends both human and artificial intelligence.

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    In his book on “Die neue Entscheidungskultur”, Richard Graf fathoms out all the essential impacts and factors that influence people in general and managers in particular in their decisions. Graf takes into account the latest state of research and goes far beyond it: cognition and emotion systems are inseparably linked.

    Whether or in which situations rational decisions are better than intuitive ones cannot be answered in general. The book takes the question “rational or intuitive?” into account by showing how decision-making processes can be designed so that good decisions are made.

    Making good decisions, both as a manager and in a team, is the central challenge. It is well known that intellect, gut feeling and emotions play a decisive role in this. The book explains the theoretical principles of action and makes them accessible for practical application in companies.

    The entrepreneurial world is becoming more complex, changing faster and faster, becoming less predictable, and more people are involved in decision-making. In this book, Graf presents decision making tools – easy to use – that can be used to introduce a commitment culture based on appreciation, commitment and personal responsibility into companies. It not only leads to better decisions, but also creates a world in which everyone’s abilities unfold and employees want to belong.