We bring about a jointly supported decision for you

    The superior decision form

    The current excessive pressure and agitation in business decisions as well as the non-decision making on political and social topics show how urgently a new form of decision making is needed as well as the dramatic consequences the lack of jointly supported decisions has.

    Traditional forms of decision-making are insufficient

    Traditional forms of decision-making are not good enough and their limitations ultimately disqualify them as insufficient or suitable only under certain conditions for mastering today’s challenges in companies. Most are aware in both the traditional and agile world, of the shortcomings of authoritarian decisions and how easily team decisions can get out of hand.

    We will make your decision with the parties involved safely and promptly

    A jointly supported decision is securely and promptly made with decision making processes. They are oriented towards the inseparability of the decision-making systems – emotions, intuition and cognition – and document themselves in an organized manner. DecisionMaking participates 100% in a robust and predictable approach that takes risks for later failure into account and ensures that measures are developed for this, which in turn are jointly supported by everyone.

    Decision Making safe and fast

    With the commitment process jointly supported decisions can be prepared safely. Delaying, watering down and evading are a thing of the past, criticizing is not enough. The participants will be called upon to bring their contribution to a solution. Instead of criticizing, illuminating the problem or engaging in root cause research, the review is replaced by the resource question in order to develop viable measures.

    If you are facing an important decision or are stuck at a decision or cannot find a solution between conflicting interests and different competencies, please contact us:

    The competence of everyone is strictly demanded throughout the entire process, and it will quickly become clear what and how much is required for success (‘and what is needed for success will quickly become clear’ – would be stylistically better). Reservations, risks and hidden conflicts are identified in early phases and are transformed into measures that create a shared decision in the process.

    In later project phases, these threaten to would cause cost increases and delays after significant investments have already been made. This situation can beis counteracted before the start of a project with measures to ensure success.

    This process fulfills its claim to produce a better decision than was foreseeable at the start.

    Aligned with the KiE trilogy

    Every measure in a company is preceded by a decision. The jointly supported decision is the pinnacle of the high art of leadership and being led-becoming. The number of participants who share a jointly supported decision indicates the quality of the decision within the decision- making process itself. KiE-DecisionMaking makes good decisions with solid processes, based on the inseparability of emotions (E), intuition (i) and cognition, the KiE trilogy, safely and promptly with 100% participation.

    Jointly supported decisions involve conflicting interests; different skills are emerging in the digital world, increasingly without personal contact between people from diverse backgrounds. The next logical step for our global technological world is the digitization of the decision with KiE decision-making processes. Communication via social media and messenger services is increasing, and the need for jointly supported decisions is a prerequisite to make human to this world.