s292 The DecisionMaker was successfully used for planning scenarios at TD TrustedDecisions

"We are always enthusiastic about the KiE cards and the remote DecisionMaker, which grants us a high speed in decision processes. This enables us to meet the increased demand for planning scenarios from our customers". PHILIPP WICKE

Make the best possible decisions at all times. TD Trusted Decisions, the consulting company, achieved its most successful quarter in its recent history thanks to high capacity utilization for integrated corporate management.

The current corona crisis is forcing us all to work together digitally. The shortcomings of making decisions together, which were already apparent before the crisis, have intensified in digital cooperation. The remote DecisionMaker and KiE-DecisionMaking processes are the right answer, even in face-to-face meetings.

Application of the DecisionMaking Process as Master of DecisionMaking

At the end of 2019, the management and selected employees were trained to achieve the level of Master of KiE-DecisionMaking. All participants learned how to use the KiE-DecisionMaking processes safely and received an introduction to the inseparability of emotions, intuition and cognition of the KiE trilogy. The KiE-DecisionMaking tools – a synonym for decision making processes – are tools suitable for everyday use to cope with individual as well as corporate challenges.

KiE: The DecisionMaking Process
Figure 01: The DecisionMaking Process

The core tools include not only jointly accepted evaluations and solution orientation, but the conscious use of intuition as well as the individual decision strategy. With the team tool, a common understanding with an accepted degree of quality as well as prioritization and commitments can be brought about. The jointly supported decisions can then be resolutely implemented by all participants. The number of participants who jointly support a decision at the time a given decision is being made acts in and of itself as an indication of a good decision.

Successful application of the KiE tools in scenario planning

For Philipp Wicke of TD Trusted Decisions, the KiE tools are an integral part of his consulting services. TD uses them for its work with customers as well as for internal processes. On March 6, Wicke again successfully implemented the KiE tools with 14 decision-makers at the customer’s location, who received massive support in their scenario planning. “We use the remote KiE-DecisionMaker and the KiE cards at presence meetings. I am always impressed by the speed and quality of the decision-making processes,” says Philipp Wicke.

The DecisionMaker is universally applicable

The KiE tools are universally applicable. Among them is the online collaboration tool called DecisionMaker, with which transparent and openly shared decisions can be produced. The KiE cards are used analogously and are particularly popular due to their tactile factor. They are suitable for smaller team decisions as well as for larger meetings.

Philipp Wicke was also able to find out how satisfied his customers were with the individual scenarios. Since then, the KiE resource question has been used to ask customers to make suggestions for solutions and improvements.

The resource question is firmly integrated in the remote DecisionMaker and is thus transparently incorporated. All resources and suggestions for improvement can be collected without the cumbersome effects that tend inevitably to arise in face-to-face or remote discussions. 

KiE: Input in DecisionMaker
Figure 02: Input in DecisionMaker

In particular, the KiE-DecisionMaker also simplifies remote collaboration for teams at different locations. Questions are asked in real time and the results are automatically documented and made available for download.

Decision Culture

With the application of DecisionMaking processes, the decision-making culture can grow all by itself because good decisions are made which later lead to good results.

KiE: Decision culture
Figure 03: Decision culture

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May 2020 – Richard Graf, Elsa Graf

“We are always enthusiastic about the KiE cards and the remote DecisionMaker, which grants us a high speed in decision processes. This enables us to meet the increased demand for planning scenarios from our customers”. Philipp Wicke


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