s315 How women and men use their competences together in a One-World

"The traditional forms of decision making reinforce the power of men." RICHARD GRAF

Diversity will only unfold its enriching effect if everyone has their say with DecisionMaking at the same time and thus without the anchor effects of men.

The traditional forms of decision making maintain the power of men. With DecisionMaking processes and jointly supported decisions, authoritarian and participatory strategies can no longer dominate. Instead, the competencies of all would be brought into jointly supported ideation, prioritization and commitment.

KiE: Cognitive Biases solved with KiE DecisionMaking
Figure 01: Cognitive Biases solved with KiE DecisionMaking

Thank you Tijen for your post about prejudices.

Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky introduced loss aversion into Prospect Theory (1979) and further expanded the Cognitive Biases (1992). The now more than 200 identified cognitive biases are really a categorized list of irrational decisions, a fact which has been known for more than 2,000 years. The water glass biases ought, for example, to be expanded to include the “wrong glass” and “the full glass with air and water”.

To hold fast to the broad “cognitive explanation bias” seems to me to be the actual overarching cognitive bias. These insights suggest that we should create a one-world environment in which everyone’s competencies are brought to bear.


July 2020 – Richard Graf, Elsa Graf

“The traditional forms of decision making reinforce the power of men. Richard Graf


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Tijen, Onaran: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/tijen_unconsciousbias-vorurteile-stereotype-activity-6685820928783335424-NCTb/

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