246 KiE-DecisionMaking as an impulse for leadership methods and agility

“The participants would like to integrate the presented KiE tools into their everyday lives immediately.” Michael Nitsch

The “Chefsalat” is a networking event for management and executives of the member organisations of the parity district association of Mittelfranken. The management and executive levels of various independent organisations meet regularly to exchange information on relevant topics and to gain knowledge and new insights together in impulse lectures.

KiE: Motivation survey
Figure 01: Motivation survey

On February 18, 2020, an impulse on the topic of KiE-DecisionMaking took place under the main topic of “New leadership methods and agility”. Michael Nitsch, Master of KiE and head of the Treffpunkt Akademie, presented KiE-DecisionMaking as a basic concept for making safe and timely decisions together. Within two hours and amidst lively discussion, he was able to lay the foundation for agility in the institution.

Highly motivated, 19 managers and executives actively participated in a keynote speech filled with numerous practical examples. The evaluation of the final KiE scale measuring the response to the question, “How great is your interest in learning more about KiE DecisionMaking and getting deeper into the topic?” yielded a KiE number of 9. This result showed the great success, the interest in the topic and the great need for methods that enable people to do their work well.

The success of the event also became clear in the personal feedback of many participants* in the conversation with Michael Nitsch. Some of the participants* were enthusiastic about the KiE Tools, which they said they would like to integrate into their everyday work. A great deal of interest was also expressed in continuing the topic – this could be made possible within the framework of a one-day event for member organizations of the parity district association of Mittelfranken.

More about remote collaboration

The current crisis is forcing us all to work together digitally. The shortcomings of making decisions together, which had already been apparent before the crisis, have intensified in digital cooperation. Companies now have to organise their work remotely and many people are trying to maintain their social contacts with it.

The freely accessible digitized KiE-DecisionMaker solves these problems.

More articles about remote collaboration can be found after the sources below at tag “Artificial Intelligence“.


June 2020 – Michael Nitsch

” The participants would like to integrate the presented KiE tools into their everyday lives immediately”. Michael Nitsch


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