342 The one number to grow into a high-performance team

High-performance team

High performance teams want to get the job done. They also enjoy it when the work is done, and goals will be achieved. A task is finished when a jointly supported decision is brought about, and the implementation successfully done. This is deeply human and not a competition. Important indicators for high performance teams are:

  1. how many jointly supported decisions were reliably and timely brought about in the team
  2. how many tasks were committed with “Done”

The one number to grow

The joy sets in by itself when interaction with DecisionMaking is successful and the sprint goal is reliably reached.

Team members are given a single indicator to help them develop into high performance teams. DecisionMaking supports with a common rating, the resource question, a commitment and the prioritization process so that they can do it well in a self-organized way. 

DecisionMaking ensures 100% participation and the team receives a guaranteed question/answer ratio of 50:50. Digitized DecisionMaking disrupts the old myth: “Only one person can speak at a time” and “Everyone has their say at the same time”.

Use the Team-DecisionMaker: www.kielabs.com


March 2021, Richard Graf & Elsa Graf

“Use Decision-Making Management (DMM) aligned at the Inseparability of emotions, intuition and Cognition (KiE)”, Richard Graf