601 Russian citizens can end the war

Russian citizens can end the war

War just like peace begins in the mind, initiated by emotions. Russian citizens can end the war if they stand up peacefully. Humanitarian aid for the Ukrainians is important, the defense of Ukraine central.
However, it is our historical duty as Germans to peacefully stand by the Russian citizens, especially in protection of our country. For they can stop the war – just as the German citizens could have stopped the war and Holocaust back then, but did not.
Russian citizens are responsible that the war and cruelties continue – just as the Germans were responsible for millions of deaths back then. Today our children and grandchildren still bear the collective guilt of that time.
Love and peace should come from Russian citizens, and they should peacefully stand up for their children and grandchildren just as they do for the people of Ukraine who are dying, suffering and losing their homes.
Sanctions should be strengthened so that all Russian citizens wake up.
Putin, his cronies and generals will not stop the war – just like Hitler and his cronies. Russian soldiers cannot stop the war, they would be executed.
Defense, fight and war against war delay peace.


February 2021, Richard Graf & Elsa Graf

“Russian citizens can end the war – we should support them to do so!” Richard Graf