512 Team-Leading with DMM & Leadership with Team-DMM

Leadership by Team-DMM & Team-Leading by DMM

Coaches and leaders still believe that paradigms and methods of the ancients can solve the leadership dilemma between leadership and teams. Agile teams don’t want or need leadership because they produce the work results on their own.

However, Decision-Making Management (DMM) has long been in existence as interactive DMM processes supported remotely and in presence with the digitized Team-DecisionMaker:

  1. Leadership by team-DMM – the leader remains in the traditional responsibility and uses the resources of the team with DMM.
  2. Team-leading by DMM – teams work self-organized with DMM and the growth mindset grows.

Low and asymmetric participation as well as anchoring effect let the loudest dominate and the quiet ones hide their knowledge.

Different competences devalue each other, no or bad decisions and quarrels are the result. DMM takes everyone’s responsibility and the competencies of all are combined to a jointly supported decision.

Solution as well as cause originate from the inseparability of body, emotions, intuition and cognition (KiE), see neuroscience.

Decision-Making Management
Abbildung 01: DMM consists of DMM-Processes, Team-DecisionMaker and KiE-Concept

Reputable consulting firms are very unlikely to bring the solution to your organization. They cling to the old paradigm of leadership and profit from the dilemma. Moreover, the big houses do not have the innovation and stick to the paradigm of mistakes in the form of cognitive bias and correcting them with nudges.

With Team-Leading by DMM, they bring about good decisions.

Use the Team-DecisionMaker: www.kielabs.com


March 2021, Richard Graf & Elsa Graf

“Use Decision-Making Management (DMM) aligned at the Inseparability of emotions, intuition and Cognition (KiE)”, Richard Graf