531 Ignoring intuition is naive

Ignoring your Intuition is naiv

Only 7% of your decisions are conscious. In 93% you decide without realizing it. Sometimes you then realize by your behavior or the effect that occurred that you didn’t really want it. Sometimes you are happy when it turned out well.

You will follow your intuition just when you are not aware of it. Regardless of how good or bad the intuitive decision was, it worked in 93% of all decisions.

Even if you decide consciously, the intuitive evaluation works in all your conscious decisions. Thus the intuitive evaluation is contained in 100% of all decisions of all humans. Therefore, you should never ignore the intuitive evaluation.

With this insight, it is clear that we should learn how to recognize the intuitive evaluation and integrate it into our conscious decisions.

However, you should also not blindly follow intuition because the logic – according to which it decides – is not always appropriate for the given situation. To believe that intuition would already decide correctly is just as naive.

Ignoring intuition is naive

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February 2021, Richard Graf & Elsa Graf

Use DMM so that the uncertain decision-maker human is not replaced by an artificial intelligence and AI becomes an integral part of human decision-making.” Richard Graf