643 Ignoring intuition is naive

Each person brings about 20,000 decisions per day

We make decisions 20,000 times a day. However, only 7% of your decisions are conscious. In 93% you or your emotional system has already brought about 18,000 emotive decisions and initiated an action before you noticed it. Your inner decision-making process works unconsciously and you did not even consciously perceive your decision.

To focus on the just 1,400 conscious decisions and ignore the vast majority of your decisions as well as your intuition would be naive.

Besides our so diverse and contradictory opinions on the subject of decisions, there are scientific facts, which we also should not and also cannot ignore, if we want to bring about good decisions.

🚫 The emotion system brings about an emotive decision in every human being in 350 ms, to be measured as a scientific fact with time (ms) and space (mm).

🚫 The discovery of the inseparability of body, emotions, intuition and cognition (KiE) leads to an emotive-cognitive decision after about 550 ms to measure as a scientific fact.

🚫 The emotion system influences and sometimes dominates conscious decisions, this has been precisely measured scientifically with statistical evaluations.

✅ The knowledge about the human decision-making process is accessible and you can learn it safely in a short time.

✅ The tools for making good decisions are summarized in the invention Decision-Making Management (DMM). You and your team can learn DMM simply and in a timely manner.

✅ With the innovation of DMM and KiE you will develop into a good decider in a short time.

✅ With DMM, you can bring about jointly supported decisions as a superior form of decision-making in teams of any size.


November 2022, Richard Graf & Elsa Graf

“Use Decision-Making Management (DMM) aligned at the Inseparability of emotions, intuition and Cognition (KiE)”, Richard Graf.


Graf, Richard (2018). Die neue Entscheidungskultur. Mit gemeinsam getragenen Entscheidungen zum Erfolg. München: Hanser Verlag.