With the KiE trilogy the complex becomes simple

    A lift-up of knowledge and competences is the solution

    The KiE trilogy reduces the many complex phenomena of decisions and behavior. Human decision-making and behavior then appear simple. The VUCA world can be explained and normative behavior can be offered with KiE-DecisionMaking and the KiE-Intelligence for conscious thinking.

    The social changes brought about by the Internet, globalization and the shift to digitalization are changing people’s individual emotional profiles. The uncertainty can be recognized in the dominant agitation, disorientation and the call for strong leaders (dysfunctional high anxiety in the concern for safety). Even if we are now in fact better off than ever before, we are more afraid for our future.

    The KiE trilogy can be learned and taught

    The practical success as well as the clear effectiveness and the learnability and teachability have become obvious in seminars, workshops, projects, agile transformations and in university teaching.

    Emotions work unconsciously in a neurobiologically determined sequence of basic emotions, from which evolutionarily composed emotions have formed, such as disappointment. From these, individual neuronal emotional structures (neS) develop in each person, which overlap the basic emotions.

    Surprisingly, the logic of the emotions satisfies a rational calculus, which, however, has nothing to do with rational or cognitive logic. The traditional assumption of serial processing, in which pre-consciousness is followed by consciousness, is outdated. Thinking and decision-making processes are organized from nested, emotive as well as emotive-cognitive cycles, which bring about the diversity of decisions and the resulting human behavior. Human behavior has been proven to be neither rational nor irrational. It is emotive-cognitive and thus can be described, explained and mapped for the first time in artificial intelligence.

    The KiE trilogy as the basis for many sciences

    Success has been achieved neither in the field of psychology in descriptively exploring human behavior, nor have the economic sciences, which assume rational behavior, been successful in developing guidelines for DecisionMaking. The decision-making dilemma and the slow development of agility with self-responsible teams bear witness to this. The emergence of the neurosciences have brought about advances in both areas, but have not succeeded in deciphering the contradictory phenomena of human behavior in economic, social and individual contexts; nor has it been possible to bring together the conflicting psychological concepts.

    Behavioral Economics have tried to bring together the insufficiently descriptive models and concepts, which are based on irrational human behavior, but have been neither descriptively, nor normatively successful. The number of cognitive biases has risen to over 200 in recent years, and a descriptive model of human behavior that resolves the bias is not in sight; nor are advances being made to resolve the problem of normative decision-making processes.

    The KiE trilogy extends artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) today is primarily based on cognitive or mixed models, including affective computing or artificial emotional intelligence.

    Psychological and neuroscientific models still use cognitive approaches instead of the AI trilogy: Emotional Intuition Cognition.

    The KiE trilogy leads the unreliable human decision-maker to safety

    The anxiety that humans, as unreliable decision makers, could be replaced by AI is justified. Mapping AI on an immature theory of human decision making further fuels uncertainty and carries considerable risks for a meaningful benefit for all people.

    With the KiE trilogy, new thinking begins

    New thinking begins with the realization that the emotional system is the origin and end of all thinking.

    To use the logic of emotions consciously would expand both human and artificial intelligence and lead to a higher consciousness of all people. This discovery would affect many areas of life such as the perception of emotions, recognition of speech and intention, personality profiles, values, beliefs, all kinds of analysis and the prediction of human decisions and behavior.

    With the KiE trilogy DecisionMaking leads to fast and secure decisions

    In today’s digitalised world, jointly supported decisions must increasingly be made without personal contact between people of different origins, conflicting interests and different skills. The next logical step for our global technological world is the digitization of decision-making with KiE-DecisionMaking processes. Communication via social media and messenger services is on the rise, and the need for shared decision-making is a basic prerequisite to shape this world in a humane way.

    The KiE trilogy strengthens people so that they get a chance to do well
    Society, especially companies, politics, teams and all people now lack theory and practice, which fuels the agitation and lack of orientation and makes the call for strong leaders louder. The transformation to agility as a prerequisite for digitization is thus restricted and further uncertainty in the VUKA world will be the result. The KiE trilogy will strengthen the individual so that people have a chance to do well.

    Emotion Research

    KiE research means bringing together different and contradictory things into a coherent unity, just as the emotive-cognitive cycles of the KiE trilogy in the coherent world view demand.

    The Book

    You can find more information in the book by Richard Graf:

    Richard Graf „Die neue Entscheidungskultur“ – Mit gemeinsam getragenen Entscheidungen zum Erfolg, Hanser Verlag 2018

    “The emotional system is the origin and end of all thinking. New thinking with conscious emotion logic extends both human and artificial intelligence.”

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